Photo Gallery

Two men in front of Christmas tree

2023 MVP Winners

At our Christmas party, the awards for our SERVPRO Team McCabe MVPs were handed out! 

cleaning a car

Car cleaning

Our crew chief Tom making this vehicle look as good as new! 

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County Goes Golfing

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County gives out soft pretzels and other goodies during a golf outing.

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County Serves Lunch

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County serves lunch to Firehouse Bingo attendees.

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County Trunk or Treats

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County attends Trunk or Treat.

American Heart Month!

Every February Americans join together to educate their communities on the importance of heart health. Heart disease can be prevented with things most people can find time for in their day, such as choosing a healthy diet and working out a few times a week.

Summit Hall at Drexel University

Unfortunately a sewer pipe broke in Summit Hall at Drexel University early this morning. It caused so much water damage that our crew said it was almost as if it was raining inside! We sent almost all of our crew members over to the hall today to start the remediation immediately.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate all the brave men and women who serve our communities as law enforcement officers. We greatly appreciate everything you do each day to ensure our communities are safe.

Church Fire

This church was affected 100% with a medium level of soot from a puff back. We had to hepa vac and sponge all of the structure while maintaining air quality with air scrubbers. We also had to control minor smoke odor that was present with vapor sharks and a hydroxyl generator. We had to bring in 1 man lifts to access the 30 feet high ceilings in the main chapel. All of the soft goods will be cleaned with our Esporta machine located at our main warehouse. The total job will take 7 days to complete.

Board Up After McDonald's Fire

We boarded up the local McDonald's that was completely destroyed in a fire a few weeks ago. The damage to the roof can be seen as wires, lights and bars are hanging down.

Restaurant Cleaning Job

Over the summer we were called down to a restaurant in Philadelphia to perform a commercial clean. We sent a crew at night after the restaurant closed and got it completed within a few nights.

Moldy Attic

This is another picture from the house that had an attic filled with mold. You can clearly see the mold going up the wood beams. The entire attic ended up being treated.

Attic Filled with Mold!

A homeowner called us to have her attic remediated for mold. When we got there we discovered mold scattered throughout the entire attic. This job required the entire attic to be HEPA vacuumed, sprayed, wiped and sealed.

Water Heater Leaks Ruining Hardwood Floors

This family's hot water heater broke recently and caused water damage to their hardwood floors. The discoloration from the water can clearly be seen. The hardwood ended up having to be removed.

Rubble from a Large Fire

This picture shows all the rubble that was left in one of the apartments after the fire. There are beams from the ceiling that have fallen along with many household items.

Roof Takes on Damage from Storm

This roof took on some damage after one of the heavy summer storms. Luckily we were able to get out to this customers house and patch the roof up quickly.

Local McDonalds Catches Fire

This is a picture from inside the local McDonald's that recently caught fire and was completely destroyed. Although it is dark you can see just how serious the damage was.

Basement Pool Table Area Affected by Water

This water damage actually occurred due to a leaky pipe on the 3rd floor of this families home. The paint as you can see is sagging due to the dampness from the water.

Water from Heavy Rains Causes Flooding

This is the outside of a home that had water pouring in to their basement and home after very heavy rains. This picture shows how this storm impacted the outside of their house and their land.

Commercial Apartment Complex Covered in Soot After Fire

When a fire breaks out the smoke can creep in to places that the fire never even touched and leave behind soot. You can see it clearly affected this apartments cabinets leaving behind empty spaces where glasses once stood.

Roof Damaged by Storm

Many of our storm damage calls have to do with water damage but at times there is some real damage done to the structure. We can also come in and help fix situations like this.

Fire Destroys Many Apartments

One of the harder parts of fire remediation jobs is seeing the devastating aftermath. It is heartbreaking to see someone else's belongings completely destroyed but knowing we are helping them get back on their feet makes it all worth it!

Oven Covered in Fire Debris

The Bush House was a very large project for us and we were on the scene right away. Here is an example of one of the apartments kitchens. The oven is completely destroyed and covered in debris and soot. 

Exterior of Building Fire Damage

This is a picture of the outside of part of the Bush House in Quakertown, Pa. The fire damage going up the side of the building running up from the windows is clearly visible. 

Serious Mold Grows in Basement

With all the mold jobs we have been getting recently, we have a multitude of mold pictures to show! This is just one area of the basement that was affected. There were many other spots on the walls, foundation and dry wall that had to be remediated as well.

Water Heater Leaks Affecting Family Home

One morning this summer a family discovered that their water heater had broken and caused water damage that affected many rooms in the home. The ceilings in most of the rooms too the most damage.

Mold Remediation in a Home

A customer called us out to his home to take a look at some mold he found growing. White mold was actually the reason we were called even though you wouldn't automatically think that from the picture.

Storm Causes Major Flooding in Basement

Yet again another summer storm hit and caused this house a great deal of damage. When our team arrived there was actual streams of water flowing in to the basement from outside. We were able to help them remove all the water.

Commercial Store in Oxford Valley Mall Needs Help with Water Damage

Recently we helped out a shoe store in the Oxford Valley Mall that had incurred some water damage. The water marks are clearly visible in the photos. They were very impressed with our service.

Water Causes Mold Growth

Our team was called to this household on a water damage job but when our guys arrived they also found some mold growing. Mold growth is quite common when it comes to water damage and we always come prepared for both!

Mold in Basement of Commercial Building

Our team got called out to a local business who had discovered some pretty severe mold growth in their basement. This was only a small portion of the mold we removed at this job.

More Water in in Local Schools

Here is another picture at a local school of a water damage job our team took care of. The amount of water on the floor can be seen clearly but it was not a problem for our guys!

Signs of Water Damage

One of the signs that your roof may be leaking are spots such as the one in the picture. This patch is a water damaged ceiling that our team came out to repair in an apartment complex. 

Water Damaged Basement

A picture of one of the water damage jobs we got called out to handle. As you can see there is quite a bit of water spread throughout the basement. Our team was able to get it restored in no time!

Many Schools Struggle with Mold Growth

Towards the end of the summer SERVPRO of Upper Bucks received many calls from schools in a variety of locations in Pennsylvania. These schools discovered that mold had started to grow in their classrooms after they had been closed up for summer. Luckily we were able to help them get their classrooms clean in time for the school year!

Mold Grows in Basement of Home!

Our phones have been ringing left and right for mold remediation jobs! This summer consisted of many hot and humid days making a perfect environment for mold to grow. Check your homes for mold today to ensure a healthy living environment!

Fire Damage in Commercial Apartment Complex

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks recently got called over to a commercial apartment complex to take care of an apartment where a small kitchen fire broke out. Luckily for the tenant, the fire didn't cause very much damage.

Storm Damage

You can only prepare so much for a storm. There is almost nothing you can do to keep trees and branches from crashing through your home.When the unexpected hits, we can come in and make it look like its brand new!

FOP Conference Raffle Winner

The recipient of the FOP Conference raffle received his prize this past week! The FOP conference was held in Harrisburg Pennsylvania this years over two days and featured several sessions for the members. Congratulations & enjoy!

Call SERVPRO for Storm Damage!

Summer storms have the potential to cause major damage to houses and businesses. If you need help after a storm SERVPRO is the team to call! We will make it look like the storm never happened!

Hotel Fire

The front of the hotel house fire that occurred with SERVPRO parked out front. This was a significant and devastating fire, and SERVPRO is ready to help.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We all understand your belongings are important to you. Let us help you get those cleaned following a disaster! Especially with smoke and soot damage, you want that cleaned well! This machine can clean anything: electronics, toys, tools, and more!

Our guys are here even in our office when we spill!

Our Manager of Marketing & Community Outreach, Mackenna, accidentally spilled her coffee in the office...oops!!! Have no fear, we have the specialists here! One of our technicians. Steve, came in and took care of the stain.

Thanks Steve!

Commercial Water Loss

This past month, SERVPRO went out to a commercial water loss out in Philadelphia. 

We were there to help quickly and were able to restore the water damage. 

Mold in School

Emergency Mold Remediation

More frequently than some might think, mold is discovered in school buildings. Many times, schools leave their AC off during the warm summer months thus causing heat and humidity to build up ultimately producing abnormal amounts of mold spores. Typically, mold is not discovered in the building until teachers or maintenance returns from summer break, at which point they are on an extreme time crunch to remediate the mold before students come back.

Content Removal

Dumpster Full of Content

This loss the result of extensive water damage throughout several floors of an assisted living community. Many of the residents were displaced during SERVPRO's cleaning process and during this process we unfortunately realized that many of the contents were unsalvageable. Due to the size and amount of contents, SERVPRO of Upper Bucks brought out several of their own personal dumpsters to remove and haul content.

Fire Department Referral

Kitchen Fire in Sellersville, PA

As a trusted local fire and water damage restoration company, our local volunteer fire departments feel confident in recommending us to victims of disaster. This particular incident came in due to a fire that originally began in the 

Late Night Fire Damage

24/7, 365

Severe smoke damage caused by a rapidly spreading fire required our crews to pack up and head out around 2 a.m. in the morning. Our line of work puts a great deal of stress on our technicians and scheduling staff as they must be ready to go at the drop of a hat. The SERVPRO of Upper Bucks team made it to the shop in less than an hour and down to the job site in less than two. Great work, guys!

Plumber Mishap

Water Damage in Quakertown, PA

Unfortunately, sometimes the professionals we bring in to help fix our problems cause even bigger ones. This was exactly the case at a local assisted living facility in Quakertown, PA. In an attempt to fix some piping problems, a plumber wound up pulling an entire pipe down to catch himself during a fall form his ladder. This accident caused three floors of extensive water damage and residents of the facility to be displaced for 2-3 weeks. Luckily, the Upper Bucks team was there to help throughout the entire process.

Burst Pipe in Baker's Center

Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

The crew packed up and headed to Philadelphia to join other SERVPRO teams in cleaning up a shopping center yet again effected by a burst pipe. Some of the stores had 6+ inches of standing water before our crews arrived. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this particular shopping center has been faced with this situation. Luckily for them, our SERVPRO teams responded quickly and efficiently to ensure the water was mitigated and content was removed to try and salvage anything and everything possible. 

Associated Builders and Contracts

Annual Golf Outing

Naturally, Mother Nature just did not feel like cooperating this day but SERVPRO still had a good time at the golf outing hosted by ABC. The event was filled with great food, a beautiful venue and awesome attendees/golfers (even if the rain made the actual golfing a bit difficult!)

Quakertown Borough Police Department

Annual Bike Rodeo

With the nice weather upon us, outdoor activities are a must, including bike riding. However, many neglect to stress the importance of simple bike safety, especially to the youth. The Quakertown Borough Police Department has made up for this oversight by hosting an annual bike rodeo which teaches local kids the importance of basic bike safety. This year, SERVPRO of Upper Bucks, NW Hunterdon County provided volunteers and donated water to help support the event.

Lowe's Pro Customer Appreciation Event

Quakertown PA

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks enjoyed the day at our local Lowe's during their Pro Customer Appreciation Event. 

Local Small Business Expo

Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks is proud to be apart of our local community. We actively participate in UBCC's events and their Annual Small Business Expo is one of our favorites! 

Floor Cleaning After Large Smoke Loss

Smoke Damage

Elysburg, PA- Extensive smoke damage required a top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning of a large, commercial warehouse. Crews worked their way from the ceilings all the way down to the floors.

Fire at Polar Tech Industries

Fire Damage in Elysburg, PA

Our crews were hard at work cleaning this massive warehouse after a fire caused extensive smoke and water damage. Luckily, their sprinkler system contained the fire to a restricted portion of the building and no one was injured.

SERVPRO Blood Drive

SERVPROs from the Greater Philadelphia area teamed up and supported a blood drive. We were able to supply the drive with 12 full units of blood!

Hydrating Heroes

Just one of the many organizations who happily received a donation of SERVPRO water.

Sellersville Fire Department Open House

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks is always happy to support our local fire departments and their events. This photo was taken at an open house where SERVPRO of Upper Bucks had snacks, giveaways, corn-hole & much more!

First Responder Support

We do our best to support our first responders because they surely support us and our local community!

Removing Flooring

Water Damage in Quakertown, PA

An old pipe burst causing total saturation throughout the first floor of this building. All flooring and tile had to be removed.

Autumn Alive! Fall Festival

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks helped support a local community organization by sponsoring and participating in their exciting, fun-filled fall festival!

Helping Our Local School Districts

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks was called in to work long hours over a recent weekend to get one of our local schools remediated and back open for the upcoming week! Our highly-trained, professional crew took care of the job and classes were in session early Monday morning!