What our Customers say...


We just bought a new house and discovered mold in the basement. We used SERVPRO to help us remediate it and they also referred us to a great company to help us with the rebuild and make plans to finish the basement. SERVPRO was great in the whole process and we loved the office staff who were happy to communicate to me and my husband what was going on every step of the way. 

Thanks so much for today’s Continuing Education class.  After we hung up I went outside to check the front and back outside hose connections that my husband swore he took care of last month.  I was happy the inside shut off valves were shut down, but the hose was still connected on my deck and FULL of water!  Your class helped divert an issue of a frozen pipe.  Many thanks.

We had a small grease fire in our kitchen and because we have a completely open floor plan, it ruined so much more than I could have ever imagined. I was very surprised at how much they were able to restore. Our young children have blankies and stuffed friends, etc. Henry in the contents department made it his goal to return these special items in perfect condition, and he did. The team that came in to clean our home and tackle the contents did an outstanding job. Our kids are happy, our home smells fresh and you would never know. That is priceless to us. 

Huge thank you to SERVPRO for cleaning our home after our basement flooded. Specifically we want to thank Sarah and her office team for their compassion and frequent updates. We also want to thank the crew and Henry who took amazing care of all of our nicest rugs and textiles. I had no idea the effort that goes into cleaning after water damage and I am thankful that my husband and I put our trust in SERVPRO. Great team through and through

Recently had ice damming for the first time. Wow-water is destructive! We were out of town when it happened too so the damage was taking place for a few days without our knowledge.

From roof tarp to the final carpet cleaning and touch ups, SERVPRO proved themselves every day they showed up. Also made great recommendations to us and truly cared. That's rare. 

My company has used SERVPRO over the years for a multitude of emergencies (I'm almost ashamed I haven't written a review for them yet). They show up time and time again ready for whatever we throw at them. They always break down the process for us so we understand. They never try to nickel and dime us or sell us on things we don't want or need. The team is sharp, professional and just gets the job done without a lot of fuss. I recommend their services to everyone because I have seen now several times what they are capable of. Bravo SERVPRO!

My company just recently had water damage in the accounting department. We were in the (slow) process of transferring everything from hard documents to digital. This wasn't how we wanted to speed up the process but SERVPRO stepped in and our senior leadership is beyond impressed with how thorough and professional SERVPRO was able to make this process for us. Our partners are old fashioned, but they are now recommending the services we used to other colleagues so that says a lot!

SERVPRO caters some events that I go to each year (delicious food). So while I have not formally used their services, I have met the owners and people who work for SERVPRO and they are truly the salt of the earth. If I ever needed a restoration company, I know the team at SERVPRO would be second to none.

I work with a local fire department and we highly recommend SERVPRO, particularly for Board Ups. Both for residential and for local businesses. We are always hearing from referrals about the quality of their work. If you need a board up after a fire or to protect your business from vandalism, these are the right people for the job!

We needed some demo work done after discovering mold in our basement (which we are getting ready to finish). SERVPRO was so fast I could hardly believe it. They also broke everything down for us and communicated thoroughly. I'm extremely impressed. Just recommended them to my neighbor!

I did not hire SERVPRO, my neighbor did. Our condos share a wall and they had a water leak that was at risk of damaging my property but SERVPRO got here so quickly that it never became an issue. I knew that was a very good sign but my neighbor couldn't say enough good things so I was compelled to say one more. I would use and recommend in the future 100%. 

I work for a fire department in another area and I just want to say thank you to SERVPRO for making community outreach and public health their priority. Especially during these difficult times, the world could use more companies like SERVPRO. 

I just wanted to thank SERVPRO of Upper Bucks for how much they are involved in our community. They are at every event and always have something specials for the kids.

Years ago I had some severe water damage in my laundry room which I dried myself.  I noticed some light mold growing there on the drywall.  Sean came out and with some fancy electronic meter was able to measure how much moisture was still in my walls.  With the visible mold growing the crew came out and opened everything up and dried it properly.  They removed all the mold and also detected a small leak from a pipe I didn't even know about.   They came back and monitored the moisture levels and didn't consider the job done until it was completely DONE, and dry.  Had they not come out I could've been living with that mold for many years with much worse damage.  Totally professional crews, always on time - even early.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone who has a moisture or mold problem.  They know their stuff.   

I've worked with the guys at SERVPRO a couple of times at community events.  they are always volunteering and sending their staff to help out.  great people from owners to office to crew.  

We had a very smokey electrical fire in our finished basement/family room. The smell was awful until SERVPRO came in and saved the day! You would NEVER know. My wife has a nose like a bloodhound and even she is impressed!

I don't often give reviews but I was compelled this time. I have been dealing with a mold problem in my finished basement for the last 6 months. Tried other services. Finally decided to give SERVPRO a try and WOW - Highly recommend these guys. They know their stuff.

The Upper Bucks community can't thank SERVPRO enough for their continuous commitment and generosity to serving our people, first responders and police.  During this COVID Crisis, they've picked up the food tabs for all police departments, they've provided volunteers at our Food Bank to help unload and sort almost 10,000 pounds of donated food, they donated a huge storage pod to house the overflow of food, and just are always there for us!  Big THUMBS UP to the owners and staff at SERVPRO of Upper Bucks!!!!

We woke up to discover our sump pump had shorted out and caused a small electrical fire. We had SERVPRO come out and they helped clean up and remove the odor it left behind. Very pleased with how quickly they had our house back in order.

I was a little concerned when I found mold growing in my basement after a heavy storm but the SERVPRO crew can out and helped get it taken care of right away!

We recently had our office cleaned by these guys and it felt so great to come in to a pristine office. All our staff is very appreciative for the job well done!

I was very happy with Shawn and Tyler's work. I would definitely use their service again.

My basement flooded out from a malfunctioning sump pump after a lengthy weekend of rain. Not fun to walk downstairs to a pool in your basement and feel helpless with what to do. I'm so glad I called Mike and team from SERVPRO Upper Bucks. They were extremely understanding of our situation, worked quickly and diligently to extract the water from our basement all along keeping us update of their progress and estimated costs. They worked with our insurance company and handled all the red tape parts of this process that make things extremely uncomfortable and stressful. These guys were very professional from start to finish and I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a similar unfortunate situation like ours.

They were professional and were so kind. I was overwhelmed by their sympathy for my crisis/loss. The guys locked up my house when they left and sent me a text telling me they were done. I am very happy with the level of service I received.

Great company, everything I needed was done neatly and in a timely fashion! Would recommend to anyone.

Excellent customer service, they do a lot for the community and great to work with. Very hard workers

The heavy rains caused the roof in my office to leak and rain inside my office! The guys came right over and helped remove my desk, cover my other items, and start drying it out! I can't thank them enough for how quickly they came to help.

I was on FB and saw a post about SERVPRO of Upper Bucks and messaged them. Sean answered my message right away and the next day Joe came and used his gauge to test my wall and baseboard in the kitchen and assured me, using the measurements, that everything was okay. Thank you for your expediency and giving a senior citizen peace of mind.

I needed help cleaning up my apartment complex before the new tenants started their lease. I called SERVPRO and they came out and helped me get these apartments clean very fast! Thank you!

The team at SERVPRO came to help fix my damage after the recent heavy storm. They were very helpful and did an excellent job.

SERVPRO did a great job helping me get my mold problem under control. Thank you!

They guys who came out did a great job. 5 star service!

These guys came out in the middle of the night to start emergency clean up of the water we had in our house. Great company!

They helped make my business look brand new with how thoroughly they cleaned. Will be recommending SERVPRO to other business owners.

The team of guys that came out to clean up the water in our basement were fantastic!

SERVPRO provided us with an emergency bag with toothpaste and toiletries along with some stuff for our kids to do. This really meant a lot to us in our time of need after the fire. Thank you so much! 5 star service!

We found mold in out apartment and our landlord had SERVPRO come out. I can not say anything but good things about our experience and I am very happy that this was the company to help us out!

A small electrical fire broke out in my house in the middle of the night and SERVPRO's emergency team came out very fast. Thank you for the prompt service!

SERVPRO came out and performed a deep clean of my business. I couldn't be happier with the end result.

After a bad summer storm, our home had some leaks from the roof. SERVPRO came out quick to help us clean up the water. Great, prompt service.

We discovered we had a mold problem after a recent flooding and SERVPRO came out and helped us take care of it. Awesome company, thank you so much!

SERVPRO of Upper Bucks helped us get a rental property ready for sale.  The prior tenants had left a mess behind and the SERVPRO team made it Like it never even happened.


Great job by SERVPRO of Upper Bucks removing mold from our attic.  Kristen Carroll was very helpful in analyzing the mold report and cleaning protocol.

Joe & TJ were professional and were so kind and I was overwhelmed by their sympathy for my loss 

Thanks to Shawn and to Stephen and his Team for removing our floor in our basement this evening.

The SERVPRO team from Upper Bucks, Pennypack / Bustleton & Germantown is an outstanding group. Having found myself in a situation where I had two properties in need of immediate restoration services, I was not sure where to turn. Fortunately, I made the right call and connected with the SERVPRO team. They immediately sprang into action by sending crews on site within hours of first contact. From that point forward they handled everything. They started in on remediation, worked with my insurance and even recommended contractors for the repairs. They were very effective in communicating with me throughout the process. Their prices were very reasonable. Most importantly, they cared about me, my family and our situation. If you need restoration services do not hesitate to contact this SERVPRO team!

Thank you so much for the water cases donation to our fire department, we normally have to pay for them by pallet. 

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profiles are amazing! The marketing manager of SERVPRO of Upper Bucks came in and walked through my whole office with me to get all the essential information. I definitely didn't know where the water shut off was before this! What an amazing tool

I cannot say enough about the generosity and hard work from Rob Goslee. He went the extra mile by helping us with this job on the weekend after a busy work week. SERVPRO can always use me as a reference!! 

I had a toilet hose burst on Fri night on the second floor while at a birthday party. There was extensive water damage on the second and first floor plus the garage. Sean McCabe (owner) and the SERVPRO team were nothing short or amazing. They had a team out at my house first thing Sat morning (team leader Mike D he was awesome) and got everything ready for contactor to start work. They worked extremely hard, were very mindful of our furniture, pictures, etc, explained everything in detail and were very sympathetic to myself and my family in this trying time. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Above and Beyond:

After Sean came back and completed the job, we were very satisfied. He is a true value to your company.

Great service, thank you!


Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work at my mother's house and mine. Your work is outstanding and your service is superior! Thank-you!

Hydrating Heroes Thank-You:

Thanks again for the breakfast and hospitality! I wrote a note on our Fire prevention FB page as well as my personal one!

Hydrating Heroes Thank-You:

Thanks so much for the water. We will put it to good use. We appreciate you all thinking of us! [Skippack Fire Department].

Hydrating Heroes Thank-You:

I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your organization’s generosity! Donated water and hosting a blood drive!!! How wonderful. Thank you! 

This SERVPRO's office staff was extremely helpful in guiding our organization through the entire process, start to finish. Thank you!

I had a terrible, unidentifiable odor in my basement. While Rob (Production Manager) was unable to identify exactly what the odor was, I must say the man was on a mission! He recommended an ozone machine and now, no smell! Thank you so much SERVPRO!

The staff was so very helpful throughout this entire mess! I can't thank them enough!

I am so amazed at the hard work and care received in the clean up process! All the men were great-thank you!

Gentlemen were professional and helpful. Thank you!

We are very happy with SERVPRO! When flooding occurred in the finished basement of our newly purchased building, SERVPRO provided complete service. They responded within an hour of our call, analyzed the damage, gave options, and provided restoration in a competent and professional manner. We commend Josh, Brian, and the rest of the SERVPRO team for a job well done!

Exceptional service, greatly appreciated!

Thank you again! We could not have been happier with the service we received from your prolite, professional staff!

All employees were very polite and friendly!

Truly professional and outstanding service. Thank you and well done to the SERVPRO team!

All around excellence in customer service! Thank you!!!

The emergency response team did a very professional job yesterday. I was pleased with their service.